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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad appreciates the Haferkamp family’s donation to this year’s 6th Annual Charity Poker Tournament. Offering to share their memorable MLB adventure with our prize winners was a great way to show support for all the kids in our community.

– Carlsbad Boys and Girls Club, Rob Holtzman, Tournament director

I was introduced to the game of softball in grade six by my teacher, a nun. Years later when the Toronto Blue Jays came into the MLB league in the ‘70’s. I remember going to a game in the old Exhibition stadium off Lake Ontario in Toronto in May, sitting in the bleachers above the third baseline. The game was exciting but I froze my knees as it was a bitter cold day and I was totally unprepared for the elements. That did not deter me to be a baseball fan. When they won the ’92 & ’93 world series I was there in the new Sky Dome, now called Rogers Centre. At the time, I was in a Municipal Recreation career and a group of us got a tour of the new facility. It was an impressive facility and still is today for all seasons play. I was there with my son when Dave Winfield, knocked out a seagull in the field of play, just scaring it away. In the news the next day he was arrested for fatally wounding a protected bird. I continued to follow the Blue Jays, even today. When my family was growing up, my eldest daughter and son played on the same mixed hardball team and my daughter was MVP. My middle daughter had been taking ballet lessons and she joined the local T-Ball league. After she hit the ball off the T, she had everyone laughing when she would run to base on her tippy toes . What a laugh! As I played many sports in my life from childhood to adulthood, I encouraged my children to do the same and they in turn their children. Not only playing, but also coaching and convening as well as participation in international sports exchanges. From the initial introduction of the game of softball by a nun, our participation has grown to over 10 different sports that my family has enjoyed over the years. I truly believe that sports experiences enhances family life for all as it has for my family.

– Fergie Jenkins Foundation, John Oddi Executive Board Member

What a wonderful family journey you all have taken through the joys of Baseball. The memories which you have created will certainly last a lifetime.

– Bud Selig, Commissioner Emeritus

The Haferkamps have lived out the dream that I wish I could do with my three boys. Baseball is the Great American Pastime for a reason. It is built on the notion of quality family and experiences. Love for the game is passed down from one generation to the next through the memories of sitting in ballparks, watching dad keep score, eating hot dogs and the smelling the fresh cut grass of the outfield. To me, there is nothing better than going to a ballgame with my sons. The Haferkamps are such an inspiration.

– National Ballpark Museum, Rob Fugelseth, Public Relations Coordinator, Denver, CO

“The Haferkamps’ journey across the Major League is every baseball fan’s dream!”

– Clint Hurdle, Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates

“Take it from the Haferkamps; baseball is a family tradition, and it can be with your family as well. I encourage all families to take part in an effort to bond not only with each other, but bond with the greatest game ever! Baseball and family… the ultimate double play! And who doesn’t like a double play?”

– Mud Grant, San Diego Padres commentator and former MLB pitcher

“The game of baseball has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of having a catch in the front yard with my dad trying to imitate my favorite player, All-Star catcher Thurman Munson of the New York Yankees. Throughout my playing years, as well as during my coaching career, I have been extremely fortunate to have been impacted by so many people, both on and off the field. I am looking forward to teaching my children more about the game that has been so special to me. Passing down the traditions and lessons of the game that I have learned is something that I value very much.”

– Kevin O’Sullivan, University of Florida Head Coach

“What an adventure! As a kid I would have given anything for this experience. Kudos to the Haferkamp family for showing us that dreams can come true.”

– Coach John Robinson, College Football Hall of Fame

“Baseball has been a major part of my life as a fan, a player, and now a coach. It has shaped much of my life and my family’s. It is an amazing game that should be shared by families for the history, the adventure, and all the lessons it teaches. I hope this book inspires you to spend time together and share those experiences.”

– Chad Moeller, Former MLB catcher, World Series Champion

“Not many fans can claim they’ve taken down a Dodger Dog, a Fenway Frank, and everything in between in the same summer—and I’m sure Steve, Dayna, Grant, and Jack will remember the details of what they saw and learned together for the rest of their lives. I’ve known a lot of people over the years who have intended to do exactly what the Haferkamps did, only to abandon the plan a few ballparks in. To package a family journey around a summer-long ballpark pilgrimage may be the best route to discovery and bonding a family could ever take.”

– Matt Vasgersian, MLB Network Host

“I have been fortunate to be involved in professional baseball for forty-six years, fifteen as a player and thirty-one as a broadcaster. I have been able to play in many of the stadiums, mostly in the American League, and broadcast in most of the current stadiums, both new and old. I can only imagine what it would be like to be a young man, like Grant and Jack, and travel with my parents to see ALL the stadiums throughout Major League Baseball. They were able to see the new and old stadiums, sample the food, weather, and everything that makes each city so unique and do what many will be inspired to do after reading this wonderful book. Baseball has, and always will be, the one sport that everyone wants to somehow be a part of during their lifetime. I am very fortunate to be one of those.”

– Ray Fosse, Oakland A’s broadcaster, Former MLB Catcher

“The love for the great game of baseball starts with family and continues to evolve with each day’s challenges, whether you are an aspiring player, coach, fan, or encouraging parent! The life lessons, the ups and downs, and the gamut of emotions, baseball continues to flourish! I have been blessed beyond belief to have baseball teach me the ways of life, all the while sharing all of it with my mom and dad and the rest of my loving family! Baseball is life and a passion of mine to share with fans just like the Haferkamps! Thank you for sharing your experiences and making this game of baseball America’s pastime.”

– Mark Sweeney, San Diego Padres broadcaster, Former MLB Player

“Exhilarating & Exhausting!
Being a clubhouse employee of the World Champion Chicago Cubs is unbelievable! The travel, long hours and little sleep have left (my coworkers and) me going on adrenaline fumes! What a ride! It cannot be duplicated; a 108 year drought is OVER!
Thanks for your well wishes & support!”

– Tim Hellmann – Chicago Cubs, longtime Chicago Cubs Clubhouse Employee

“Here at the Rays, it’s our mission to energize the community through the magic of baseball. The Haferkamps certainly understand that ‘magic’ of baseball. As a mother of two young boys who love the game, someday I can’t wait to follow in the Haferkamps’ footsteps and experience our national pastime with my family all across the country.”

– Melanie Lenz, Tampa Bay Rays Senior Vice President of Strategy and Development

“Had a blast with Steve and his boys playing wiffle ball that day. One thing I’ve always had, since I can remember, is a love for the game. Steve and his family definitely have that and it is great to see. Thanks for letting me play, guys. It was fun.”

– Jerry Hairston Jr., World Series Champion

“I have had the pleasure of knowing the Haferkamp family for the last six years and coaching their oldest son in youth baseball. Steve and Dayna are fantastic parents and their family’s love for baseball combines two of the greatest American traditions: our national pastime and family. This is the story of how that love has been cultivated.”

– Erik Greupner, Baseball Executive, Family Friend

“A tip of the cap to the Haferkamps for Let’s Hit ‘Em All. Baseball has always been a big part of my family too. When I was a kid growing up in Ohio, my dad and I went to many Cleveland Indians games, and we watched the local Tribe telecasts together on hot summer nights. While the Indians were bad, we saw a lot of other really good teams and players up close. And there’s no mustard in baseball that tops Bertman’s ballpark mustard in Cleveland. I remember the first time I tasted it on a Cleveland Stadium hot dog. It was a Sunday afternoon doubleheader against the Red Sox. Amazing! Once I became a dad, I started taking my kids to MLB games because of the many great memories I had with my father. My kids and I have created many memorable moments from our visits to ballparks across the country. The best of all was an Arizona Spring Training vacation when we saw ten teams in six days! With the bonds we’ve created through baseball, my kids and I never run out of things to talk about. Inevitably, our conversations always seem to find a way of turning to the game we love. Baseball is how I connected with my father, and it became a great way for me to connect with my kids too.”

– Rick Redman, Hillerich & Bradsby Co. VP Corporate Communications, Makers of the Louisville Slugger

“I love the Haferkamps’ spirit and Dayna’s determination to chronicle their journey in Let’s Hit ‘Em All. It embodies many of the life lessons the game of baseball teaches us each and every season: perseverance, teamwork, discipline, and the ability to overcome adversity. It’s also been my pleasure to coach their son Grant and form another lifelong relationship through the great game of baseball.”

– Chris Possemato, Torrey Pines Varsity Pitching Coach

“I always find it inspiring when a family has so much passion for the game of baseball to fully experience the sport throughout the country in various stadiums. The Haferkamps are true ambassadors of the game and their book will provide valuable insight to baseball fans everywhere.”

– David Rinetti, Oakland A’s Vice President of Stadium Operations

“Having the Haferkamps and Rebel Little League boys with the 2016 San Francisco Giants during Spring Training reminded me how special and humbling the game of baseball truly is. Those same eager eyes you see in those boys still exist even in our Big League players. The hope, thrill, and promise are common threads of all ages, and we were honored to have such a special group with us.”

– Bret Alexander, San Francisco Giants Senior Director of Team Travel, Home Clubhouse Manager

“The batting average is a trap. Good hitters line out more. Compete with Confidence!”

– Steve Springer, Mental “Hitting and Performance” Coach, Professional Scout Toronto Blue Jays

“Although i have loved baseball from an early age, my excitement and appreciation for the game grew from a very special family tradition. Since 2000, my Dad and I have travelled to All-Star games around the country, experiencing new cities and stadiums. Having the opportunity to watch the best ball players in the world enjoy the sport in a fun, world-class setting gave me goals and dreams early in life that have inspired my journey ever since.”

– Connor Joe, 1st Round Draft Pick – Pittsburgh Pirates 2014

“As a Division I college coach at the University of San Diego, I have been fortunate to coach a lot of special talents. I also have coached Grant Haferkamp with the North County Mavericks development program. Regardless of age or level played, the journey the Haferkamps took on brings out the purist in a baseball fan. Enjoying the game of baseball as a family is truly a way to not only make some special memories but also use America’s favorite pastime to forge a family bond.”

– Bradley Marcelino, University of San Diego Assistant Coach

“As a former MLB catcher and current pro scout, I have had the privilege to visit 28 of the 30 current Major League Parks. To have the opportunity as a family to embark on this journey is remarkable and something they will never forget. The different ballpark cultures, the different foods, and the entire experience are any true baseball fan’s dream. I have been fortunate enough to be part of this great game of baseball which has been good to me and my family. I can’t wait to read about the Haferkamps’ journey.”

– Kyle Phillips, Former Toronto Blue Jays and San Diego Padres catcher, Current Chicago Cubs Pro Scout

“Baseball is a game of mental and physical sacrifice coupled with tons of failure! Why do we love this game so much?”

– Justin Machado, La Costa Canyon varsity Head Coach (3 CIF titles, 400+ wins)

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Haferkamp family for many years. It has been my pleasure to visit with them at PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, several times and watch the Haferkamp boys grow up as well. Congrats on this wonderful journey and looking forward to the publication.”

– Donna Mangold, Host at PNC Park and Three Rivers Stadium for Thirty-Three Seasons

“It was indeed my lucky day—first day on my new Spring Training job, first phone call, and I was very fortunate to meet the Haferkamps. What a wonderful friendship has been the result of one phone call. I love the picture album and look forward to the written word with pictures, as it will be an inspiration to many families—both young and old(er)! And to think I am a part of the Haferkamp legacy. What an honor. Thank you.”

– Linda Wyman, Oakland A’s

“Baseball has brought family and friends together and built unbreakable bonds. Relationships have been built around baseball from when I was a child and they remain today. My parents are no longer physical spectators of the sport, as their time on this Earth has passed. But I do know for fact that if anyone were to ask them today what some of their fondest memories were, they would tell you, undoubtedly, they were memories built around the baseball diamond, with family coming together and encouraging a young boy to swing hard, run hard, play hard, work hard, and respect the game.”

– Marc Lavoie, University of Arizona baseball, Private Hitting Coach for Grant and Jack

“The smell of a leather glove, the sound of a well hit ball, the taste of a hot dog, the feeling of a walk-off victory, and the sight of a freshly mowed ball field—does it get any better than this? The Haferkamps capture the energy and magnetism of our national pastime.”

– Pete Leddy, Ph. D, Former Creighton University Player, Coach, and Author

“It’s been great following the travels of the Haferkamp family over the years. Seeing the boys grow up and hearing about all their adventures at other ballparks and spring training has been very entertaining. A favorite part of my job is to hear about everyone’s favorite baseball memories and to see the passion and love for the game of baseball develop and be passed from one generation to the next. I feel fortunate to know this great family and glad to have them on board as Padres fans!”

– Steve Carter, Padres Manager of Membership Services

“My parents always told me that as a baby, I would pick up round objects and attempt to throw them. I guess that started my love for baseball. I played organized baseball as a youth through my career in the Army and well into my fifties, but I found a new love—coaching. I coached with Bob Shaw for about twenty years. Some of my players were Dante Bichette, Kevin O’Sullivan, and Nelson Rood. My love for the game continues as I still go to Roger Dean Stadium and wait for the cry, ‘Play Ball!’”

– Gene Meyerowich, Longtime Jupiter Area Coach

“I have been a baseball player and fan in my early life and continued to be a baseball fan. I have been working for the Cincinnati Reds since 2009 in security for Spring Training. So, my association with baseball continues and enables me to meet and make friends with wonderful people.”

– Don Wyman, Longtime Baseball Fan

“Baseball reflects life, especially considering the annual rebirth every spring and eventual death of most teams in the fall.”

– Steve Hargrave, Former Head Coach of Dave Roberts at Rancho Buena Vista High

“I never really realized I fell in love with baseball until I started working for the Oakland A’s. The relationships you create with people along the way are what make this game so special. To see and be a part of the Haferkamps’ journey through the baseball world has been a remarkable experience. Over the last couple years I’ve been fortunate enough to have them be a part of what I call my baseball family.”

– Austin Ginn, Oakland A’s Employee

“When I was twelve years old, I watched and listened to every single inning of the 1975 Detroit Tigers’ season. They lost 102 games that year. It didn’t matter. They were my team, and I loved them unconditionally. For the past forty years, I have tried to pass on that love and enthusiasm for baseball to my family and the players I have coached. I love how the game can connect communities and families like the Haferkamps. Their journeys exemplify everything that is great about baseball.”

– Jay Sill, Family Friend, Longtime San Diego Area Coach

“When reading Let’s Hit ‘Em All, I got hit by a flashback. Everyone with a heart for baseball and the ability to beat back heartburn from roadside diners has dreamed of the Haferkamp’s journey. Find a baseball schedule, find a map—kids, it’s this piece of paper with places and roads on it—and find the perfect summer to pull it off. Mine came the famous summer of 1976, our nation’s Bicentennial summer. It was also the summer of my high school graduation. Myself and two guys from our Orange High baseball team, Tony Carolo and Bill FitzMaurice, planned to visit all the stadiums as soon as we tossed our graduation caps to the air. But Fitzy couldn’t make—his parents got cold feet and wouldn’t let him go. Tony C. was in and that was all I needed for a seat cover with me behind the wheel of a 1974 cherry red Datsun pickup with a shell on the back and a license plate reading: BADCO7 With two 17-year-old California teenagers with hair to their shoulders in the car, what could go wrong? Our best laid plans were just that. Reality hit somewhere over the Rockies and we just didn’t have the dough to make all the stadiums. And that didn’t slow us down a bit. We saw the Rangers in old Texas Stadium. The Red Sox at Fenway. The Mets at Shea. The Braves in Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. The Yankees in the old (and real) Yankee Stadium. The White Sox, in Comiskey, was on the itinerary. We got up each day with a plan—find a stadium, look like sweet kids out front for free tickets and slip into nine innings of bliss. In reading about the Haferkamp family doing their thing, it’s clear there is more than baseball being talked about. It’s those long stretches of road where a family becomes close. It’s meeting other people in fresh cities and sharing that bond of baseball. No other sports shines better at bringing so many people together than our national pastime. Their story, their book, their love of the game is inspiring. So much, that I’m calling Tony C. on the 40th anniversary of our epic trip. We will tell stories that get better with each passing year. And maybe this year, we won’t rub it in to our old pal Fitzy that he missed a trip of a lifetime.”

– Jay Paris, San Diego Sportswriter, Longtime Encinitas Little League Coach

“I absolutely loved reading along on the Haferkamp’s journey. As a blogger and podcast host, I often dole out advice so my favorite parts of the book were the charts and quick reference guides in the chapters. Now I’ll feel like a local at any stadium. Informative and adventurous; what a joy it was to feel like I was enjoying a hot dog in the stands with this family.””It’s More Than Just A Game”

– Jessica Ceresino, TheSportsBrat

“Baseball, families and tradition . . . elements that have provide the foundation for the development of successful citizens because they include fair play, team-building, and commitment. Good citizens make the world stronger . . . so, too, does Rotary International. The Rotary Club of Carlsbad Hi-Noon appreciates the commitment the Haferkamp family has shown in this MLB adventure, and also in helping Hi-Noon Rotary this year with its 34-year-old the Rotary Oktoberfest. Thank you for your donation of “Let’s Hit Em All” as prizes for our games, and thank you for your time and effort in helping with our concessions. Family. Tradition. Service. Commitment. You, too, show that “Service Above Self” goes beyond the Rotary motto.”

– Carlsbad Rotary, Yvonne Murchison Finocchiaro, Past President”

The Children’s Institute is deeply grateful for your generous in-kind gift made in honor of Clint Hurdle. Each Let’s Hit ‘Em All book, ball, bag and foam hand is appreciated more than you know. Our Prader-Willi syndrome patients were thrilled when they received your thoughtful gift. Thank You for thinking of The Children’s Institute.

– The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh

“Baseball, as in music and art, reflects and underlines the history and importance of life in North America, while being appreciated and loved in other parts of the world and by reminding us of the qualities and usefulness of this oft-storied game through its enduring legacy and tradition that people have embraced and enjoyed through the generations. I applaud the Haferkamp’s endeavor, Let’s Hit ‘Em All, for showing us how families as well as individuals, through their passion for sport, can create lasting and meaningful memories to be shared with everyone for years to come. Well done!”

– Keith Scott, Musician, Lead Guitarist for Bryan Adams

“I have had a love for sports since I was a little girl. I played all sports available: baseball, softball, basketball, track, and volleyball. After I suffered a career ending knee injury, I started on my passionate journey of coaching. I love coaching— coaching life, coaching morals, coaching responsibility. It is a chance for children to learn what it is to be a teammate, to be important, and to be a part of something great. My goal every day is to make each of my players feel like they are amazing, can do anything they set their minds to, and there is no limit to what they can accomplish if they only believe in themselves. I don’t coach players…I coach people.”

– Jennifer Hayes, Hartsburg Edmen State Championship Volleyball Head Coach

“I cherished the days of coaching my son’s baseball teams. For several years, I coached his all-star teams, and we would always have a tournament on Father’s Day. A friend once said he felt bad for me that I had to spend Father’s Day on a baseball field. Are you kidding? There’s nothing I would have rather done on Father’s Day than coach my son. We’ve had so many wonderful times on the diamond. Recently, we’ve even had the chance to umpire together. The magic of baseball is generational. I hope someday my son can experience the joy of coaching his son in baseball.”

– Phil Urbina, Former President of La Costa Youth Organization, Coach, and Currently Pony Baseball Umpire

“My love of baseball was forged going to the ballpark with family and close friends at a young age. My love for the game continues to grow each day, as I currently coach and umpire youth baseball in Encinitas National Little League.  I can’t wait to pass that passion along to my children and their friends when the day comes. Spending time learning and experiencing the great game of baseball is something I look forward to doing with my family.”

– Mike Kiesel, ENLL Board Member, Current Coach and Umpire

“Baseball provides an outlet for my family to get our kids active and interested in something other than video games and the daily grind of school. Baseball has provided so many great memories for my family—from collecting homerun balls during BP behind the home run fence at Petco to taking my oldest to see his favorite Yankee players at Angel Stadium. My boys love experiencing baseball games at many of the different Major League stadiums across the United States. The look on their face is priceless when they hear they get to go to a new stadium.”

– Adrian Burnside, Former MiLB Player, Australian Olympic Medalist, Current High School Coach

“Football (soccer) has been the biggest thing in my life since I was four years old and first kicked a football. I’ve supported Tottenham Hotspur from the moment my parents told me they supported that team. I played at a semi-pro level and now I get to work at a professional club in their academy, West Ham United, looking to bring through future stars. In England, it’s most young boys dream to play football, and I got a chance to play at a good level. Now though, I get to coach kids and try to help them develop and reach their dreams of playing professional football.Growing up as a kid, I was lucky to have my parents support me at every game; though, because my brother and I played all the time, we never had the chance to go to watch live Premier League games, especially to watch Tottenham. Now that I’m older and not playing, I have the chance to go with my dad, and there is no better feeling standing in the football terraces next to my dad singing or celebrating. We have been to many grounds together, and it has brought us closer than we already were. I hope I will one day get a chance to do this with my own family.When coaching I try to encourage parents about letting their boys play the game they love, that mistakes are great for learning from, and for the parents to support their kids through good and bad times so they stay connected and in love with the game. At the end of the day, there is no one more important than your parents that a kid will look up to, just as I did with my mine.”

– Matt Hanson, West Ham United Academy Coach

“The magic of baseball is its ability to charm and seduce to a point that the game becomes a part of life itself. Whether it is the lure of the ballpark with its sights, sounds, and smells or just watching the game unfold, baseball has always been a summer pastime that brings people together. For some, such as the Haferkamps, baseball becomes a catalyst for planning their next adventure. Baseball has always been an important part of my life as player, coach, and now Little League President. Through each lens I have developed a much deeper understanding and appreciation for what the game of baseball provides and its ability to nourish the soul. Being around the little league fields on a game day and watching the families socialize, cheer, and support our youth validates the bond of baseball to not only the families but also our community. Baseball fields will forever be a place of learning, laughter, enjoyment and most of all bonding. I look forward to the opportunity to bond with my family and my community at the ball fields and to continue to enjoy the magic of baseball.”

– John Payne, Volunteer President for Encinitas National Little League

“As the Haferkamp family showed all of us, embarking on an MLB stadium journey will provide your family with wonderful memories. Speaking as a Little League, Travel, and HS coach for many years, I can genuinely attest to fact that the game of baseball has cultivated life long memories and friends that will forevermore be part of our family. Ultimately, it is not the wins that matter. It is the people you meet, the friends you make, the positive and joyful experiences that will leave indelible imprints on our lives. I have had the privileged of coaching over 30 players selected in the MLB draft, with 7 of them being first round selections. In retrospect, it is not all the championships that we won over the years that are important to me. But instead it is the lifelong relationships that were fostered by spending time with others on the diamond and at team outings. I maintain very close bonds with many of the parents and players. It has been a blessing to watch so many kids grow into great young adults. Many of my son’s closest friends are still boys from the baseball teams. I believe playing baseball fosters good habits with our youth and helps keeps them away from going down the “wrong path”. So even if you can not afford to visit the various MLB stadiums, you and your family can still enjoy all the captivating opportunities youth baseball provides. Sure the stadiums won’t be as big, but the food will be cheaper! Whether it’s getting to spend time with your family and friends during “road games” or having pizza or ice cream after a game, or watching your child make a great play in the field or building life long memories … there is nothing like the game of baseball as it will always give you more then you invest into it.”

Ed Marti, Head Coach South Florida Elite Baseball

“In an uncertain and increasingly dangerous world, Marines seek to provide stability for the American way of life. In my family life, baseball provides a similar concept of stability for my two young boys… continuously playing the game despite our numerous cross-country moves and the combat deployments. For my family, baseball, more than any other sport, exemplifies what it means to be American.”

– Col. John Wiener, Active Colonel, USMC

“Tennis is different. You’re out there all alone with no coach and no teammates. It’s just you, the ball and your opponent. This is what makes tennis so difficult. It’s also what made me fall in love with the game, with the sport and with the competition.”

– Brett Berger, USTA Amateur Tennis Player

“Sport has always provided an avenue for personal growth, knowledge and life lessons. It has created friendships and forged bonds for ages. The Haferkamps’ journey through major league baseball merges that love of family and baseball. It is the ultimate family experience that all of us can enjoy and duplicate in our sport of choice.”

– Jeff Solomon, Executive VP, Hockey Operations, Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club

“I recall going to Milwaukee County stadium with my father and uncle to watch the Packer games. In the early to mid 70’s they were not much of a team but the stadium was packed with fans, the camaraderie, love of the game, energy, and the shared experience with my family is something that still sticks with me today. Those moments were valuable and because of that “value” I knowingly, and with great pleasure, make a point of enjoying similar events with my boys. Baseball, football, super cross etc…It doesn’t matter, it is about the shared experience that will bond family members together for a lifetime.”

– Nick Esayian, Pirelli World Challenge, Four Time Manufacture’s Champion, Multiple Race Winner

“I met Jack and the Haferkamps at one of my Junior Golf camps and was instantly shocked when Jack told me he had been in every park and shared that experience with his family. As a lifelong baseball fan, I can’t imagine anything cooler! Their book has inspired me to plan a similar mission with certain golf courses around the Country that I can visit with my family. I can’t thank you guys enough for sharing your story!”

– Lee Sanudo, PGA Golf Instructor, Encinitas Ranch Golf Course

“A huge shout-out to the Haferkamp family for reminding us what’s great about baseball: family and fun. At Ballast Point, we are huge baseball fans (Go Padres!), and we are also all about adventure—this is a great story of how this family combined both. We raise our glasses to the Haferkamps … cheers!”

– Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits

The experiences and lessons I learned from team sports have set the foundation for all of the key decisions in my life. In a world now dominated by cell phones, text messages and video games to see a family bond and grow together while spending their summer vacations traveling to every baseball park in America is truly inspiring!

– Gordy Ceresino, NFL Alum, Stanford University Athletic Hall of Fame, Vice Chairman Federated Investors Inc.

Thank You so much for your generous book donation. Your support is very much appreciated!

– Prader-Willi Syndrome Association

As a kid growing up playing baseball I always loved the game, but hanging out with friends after those games became even more memorable. When I opened my ice cream business, a goal was to provide a fun environment for the kids and their families to get together and make those same memories I have. I was lucky enough to sponsor some of the Haferkamps youth baseball teams and it brought me back to the good old days.

– The Baked Bear, Shane Stanger, Owner/Founder

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